Game Home Makeover Hidden Object

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Home Makeover Hidden Object

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Home Makeover Hidden Object

The exciting hidden object adventure game that started the 4-part series (tetralogy if you want to sound smart)! Behind the white picket fence is a quaint old house with a fun hidden object adventure. Emma's old grandparents' house needs a makeover! Okay ... a LONG awaited makeover! Trade old paint for dazzling wallpaper, outdated furniture for more modern pieces, and more! Return this home to its former glory! Clean up the messy old house and sell the items to your neighbors! Earn money from jumble sales to buy new furniture and accessories for the old house! With 10+ ways to search for household items, you'll never be bored! This free hidden object search adventure, picture app will require you to search for hidden objects, exercise your time management skills and Match 3!

Decorate Make-up Match 3 jigsaw puzzle

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