Game Jenner Sisters Spooky Hairstyle

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Jenner Sisters Spooky Hairstyle

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Jenner Sisters Spooky Hairstyle

The Jenner sisters are at home, looking for some spooky hairstyles to complete their terrifying Halloween looks. You'll never believe who the hairstylist will be... no one but Kanye West. And you'll help him step by step as he creates eye-catching looks for his sisters-in-law. So feel free to start this new Halloween game called Jenner Sisters Spooky Hairstyles and see what amazing hairstyles you can design for Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner as they prepare to attend a spooky Halloween party. Choose a hairstyle for each of them and then guide Kanye West step by step as they try to create it. Being a Halloween hairstyle, you can make it as messy as possible and you can also customize it accordingly. Once you're done, you'll also be able to choose incredibly cute Halloween costumes for these famous supermodels. Have fun, ladies!


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