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Make It Meme
Make It Meme

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Make It Meme

Make It Meme is a game where you can create thousands of memes with your friends or other online players.
You can create a lobby or join an existing one and you must wait for other players to join the game.
At the beginning of the game each player receives a random meme and must create a legend before time runs out.
All players have 15 seconds to rate the creations. The meme that receives the highest score will be the winner of that round.

Make It Meme game modes

There are 3 game modes

What is a Meme Buddy?

A Meme Buddy is a like, it is used to show love for your favorite meme and thus become their Meme Buddy. After clicking you will receive half of the points that your friend receives as a bonus.

Explanation of game modes in Make It Meme

Normal: You receive a random meme and think of a legend, you choose your Meme Buddy and whoever accumulates the most points wins the round.

Same meme: It is the same as normal mode but instead of receiving a random meme all players receive the same meme.

Relaxed: There is no time limit and no scoring. It is the creative mode of the game where you can experiment endlessly.

How to play Make It Meme?

You must click with the mouse or finger to select the text field and write your legend. Also, on your turn you must vote for the others. Red is in favor, blue is against and MEh is abstention. Enjoy Make it Meme with your friends and don't forget to share the memes.


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