Game Wordle Galego

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Wordle Galego

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Wordle Galego

This game is great for both older and younger children. You will learn a lot of vocabulary. Wordle Galego is a Galician version of this word game. Greetings to all Galicians.

How to play Wordle Galego?

The mechanics are simple, you must guess a 5-letter word. To do this you have 6 attempts, if you make a mistake you can delete the word but once sent you will have already spent the movement.

To send the word press enter. AT that moment the Wordle Galego game will rotate the tiles and they will be colored. If it comes out red, the letter is not in the word. If it appears yellow, the letter is there but in a different position. If it comes out red, the letter is not in the word.

A little help, they color your keyboard so you know which letters you should not use again.

I forgot, you can use your computer keyboard or the one on the screen.

It will be difficult for you to do tricks or cheats, every time you start a game, the word changes. So good luck and have fun playing this game.


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